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Ways to Cut a T-Shirt

A t-shirt is a basic piece of clothing which we all possess in our wardrobes. It is easy to wear and it is the first piece of garment that we take out from the wardrobe and wear when we are in a hurry. The downside of t-shirts is that we tend to purchase many similar t-shirts, and hence no variation in the basic ones. One great way to give them a new lease of life is to cut them up to create some beautiful and funky garments. But just cutting T-shirts haphazardly is not going to give you fashionable apparel. For that you have to have a design in mind and know how and where you have to cut it. Here we are going to discuss some ways to cut a T-shirt.

Ways to Cut a T-Shirt into a Tank Top
There are many designs that you can make by cutting up old t-shirts but the easiest one is the tank top design. You do not require any advanced sewing skills for this and it is quite a novel way of transforming your t-shirts. To make a tank top out of a t-shirt, get hold of a t-shirt that fits you well. Now turn your t-shirt inside out and place it on your work table. Cut out the sleeves of the t-shirt with a sharp pair of scissors. Next cut off excess fabric from the bottom of the t-shirt so that the tank top hits your waist. It is always best to first first mark how much you need to cut from the t-shirt by holding it against your body. Once you have cut the t-shirt in this way, sew along the edges of the t-shirt so that there are no frayed edges. If you prefer the grungy look than no sewing is required.

Ways to Cut a T-Shirt Off the Shoulder

If you are not fond of tank tops, then you can make an off shoulder top with your t-shirt. It is very easy to make and does not require much effort. First take a long t-shirt and place it on the work table. Cut the t-shirt across the top part just underneath the sleeves in a straight line. Cut a 1 ½ inch section of the t-shirt from the bottom. Now in the front of the t-shirt cut a small triangular section right at the middle from the top. Tie the strip of t-shirt that you have just cut from the bottom to this triangle and then tie this strip in a bow like a halter. Your off shoulder custom t-shirt top is ready.

Ways to Cut a T-Shirt Without Sewing

If you want to transform the look of your t-shirt but do not want the hassle of sewing it, then a great way do that is given below. Just take two ordinary fitted t-shirt in complementary colors like purple and green or contrasting colors like blue and red. Now turn one of the t-shirt inside out on your work table and draw a big heart on it. Mark some horizontal lines on the t-shirt making sure that there is a gap of at least 1 inch between the lines. Now place a heavy cardboard between the t-shirt and start slashing the horizontal lines with a sharp scissor or knife. You will get a nice ribbed effect. Wear this t-shirt over the other t-shirt for a layered look. T-shirt design ideas like these are quite in fashion.

These were some ways to cut a t-shirt. You can use other techniques to come up with more styles and designs. If you
design your own t-shirt in this way you can revamp your wardrobe without spending a penny.

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